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By: c5ken

My 5ac Ladino plot needs to be replanted.

I plan on disking it up, kill weeds with ROUND-UP & 2FDB then replant in mid- August.

I'de like to keep deer hitting the plot during the summer before I kill it off and replant.

Is there anything I can plant in the spring for a few months before I kill it off & replant?


If you already have clover planted just broadcast new seed & let the rain do the work. Spray with weed killer that won't kill broadleaf plants.


Pat Lefemine's embedded Photo

Ken, what you proposed is doable, but not optimal IMO. If you look at my 5 acre clover plot it's pretty much damn near perfect with almost zero weeds. It was previously a pasture. Here's what I did:

Before you do anything get a soil test and amend as directed. You'll probably need some lime.

Burned everything down with Glyfo and 24D in May. Wait until it becomes a moonscape. I then disked it up in July and hit it with herbicide again when the tiny weed and grass seeds started to emerge. It was basically dead-dead by then. In late august, I broadcasted a combination of oats (as the nurse crop) and the perennial clover mix. I went 125% on the recommended clover mix. The following spring, hit it with IMAX twice, and on year 3 hit it with IMAX 3 times.

Pic above is what it looks like now.

Good luck


Listen to Pat, he has alot of blood, sweat, and tears in this area... Pat that plot looks like a Chia pet plot, it looks so good!

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