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Brokenbear 23-Jan-23
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Saphead 24-Jan-23
Saphead 24-Jan-23
Brokenbear 24-Jan-23
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New guy here from Southeast Missouri ..Howdy everyone

I am ready to switch to no-till planting and intend to follow the Dr Woods Buffalo system ..

Big name machines new or used are too much $$ and the really light weight one will likely not work in my river bottom soils ..

Middle of the road machine for my ground and tractor (JD 5045E seems to be the Greenscape 750-2 but the people who sell them do not know anything about them

Or at least I have not found that said person yet who hashands on experience ..so hoping some of you guys on here own on or knows someone who does who I can ask a few questions of

For example it says the MINIMUM seed rate on the bog box for soybeans is 100LB per acre ????????

Thanks Bear

By: fuzzy

A bushel and a half (90 - 100# ) per acre is right for soybeans


https://habitat-talk.com/ has a couple good threads on smaller no till machines


Look on the food plot forum




Mr Fuzzy ..see this chart for drilling/planter set up for actual planted beans but I agree your pounds are likely accurate for broadcast beans ..I have been drilling beans for years at 65 lb/ AC for years with good results but I am in heavy soil ..so depending on you soil etc your suggested pounds may be close


Thanks Buckdeer will do

Thanks Saphead ..Been following that one but I did not wish to "high Jack" another man's thread asking questions


By: fuzzy

Brokenbear you're right, I've only every broadcast seeded soybeans and I should have noted that in my post.

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