Soil Test- best time to of year?
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Hunt98 21-Oct-22
Bowhunter09 21-Oct-22
t-roy 21-Oct-22
drycreek 21-Oct-22
Bowhunter09 21-Oct-22
timex 26-Oct-22

By: Hunt98

What is Thebes time of year to do a soil test?


I like fall. The soil is dryer and easy to work with. Also gives you time to plan a fertilizer strategy

By: t-roy

I’d suggest in the fall, as well, especially if it shows you need lime. The sooner, the better, for it. Bowhunter09……. Normally, I’d agree about your drier soil comment, but I pulled my samples a couple of weeks ago, and the ground was super dry and unbelievably hard. I had to push the sample probe into dirt the first few inches, dump that into the bag, then take the remaining few inches of the sample. Never have had that issue before.


I took soil samples in three plots in September, added lime about two weeks ago. It should be working next spring when I do my plots.


T-roy. Our ground here is also exceptionally dry. Rain next week may help

By: timex

I worked for a farm chemical company for many years. Soil testing is done year round in my area. In general I'd say it needs to be done early enough to get your results back have time to apply the pH modifiers and or nutrients recommended prior to planting

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