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Ok...Russ 16-Sep-22
Ok...Russ 16-Sep-22
APauls 16-Sep-22
t-roy 16-Sep-22
Catscratch 17-Sep-22
fdp 18-Sep-22


Ok...Russ's MOBILE embedded Photo

Just got back from vacation in Italy and it's grape harvest time. Kept seeing orange tractors between the rows of grapes and figured Kubota. Also visited a dairy farm where they make parmesan reggiano cheese and got a better look.

That's because I didn't know Fiat makes tractors or did at one point. Many of the "kubotas" I saw were actually Fiat when got closer. Not the same shade of orange but close enough from a distance to confuse the two.

Could've been the Chianti too messing with my vision!


Not sure how this got put into the whitetail section when I selected tractors from the deerbuilder site. Hmmm??

By: APauls

I believe anything from deer builder also populates in the whitetail section

By: t-roy

Fiat and Allis-Chalmers were in partnership in the heavy equipment arena, for a good while, back in the 70s and 80s (possibly even longer) I think they were also in the ag end of things, as well. Allis Chalmers tractors were usually a similar color (Persian orange) to the one in your pic.


Ferrari and Lamborghini make tractors too.

By: fdp

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