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I have an alfalfa stand that is competing with ragweed. I sprayed Pemex/slay in the spring and it knocked it back but it's coming back strong. I clipped it last week. I was thinking of spraying again but wanted to avoid the Pemex/slay. I've been looking at 24 DB and I think that is ok to use. Any suggestions would be very welcome.


Effectiveness is gonna be limited this late in the growing season. I put my sprayer away on 8/1. Clipping should be fine at this point. Next spring hit it with Imox in April.


Thanks Pat, I've never sprayed this late myself. I know guys will say the ragweed is good for deer but it really was taking over. I clipped it last week and checked it out yesterday and the stand is solid. I'm sure it will be beautiful next year. Thanks again.


Around here a lot of folks do a light disc. Kills a lot of weeds and leaves alfalfa roots intact.


Thanks Don, I've seen that before and I'll keep it in mind. So many options and would I probably should do is leave the dang thing alone and give it a chance.


Ragweed is a browsed species and full of protein mid summer… not so much in October and November though.


One of the possible benefits to the light disc is that it can split off roots on the alfalfa and you can get a denser stand.


RIT, I hear you. I just don't like wasting time and money for a nice stand of ragweed. HA! Thanks for the input guys. I really appreciate it.

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