What does 2-4-d kill?
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I know that 2-4-d can stay active in the soil for 7-20 days after spraying. I'm hoping to spray and then seed later with brassica, forage oats, spring peas and red clover. I know that the red clover and spring peas need to wait 14 days after. Do the brassicas and oats need to wait as well or can they be seeded 24 hours after spraying?


Check the label, some plants are more sensitive to the residual.

By: JL

Does it kill weed seeds?

By: t-roy

Oats are a grass, so you will be fine. Brassicas are a broadleaf and 2,4-D will kill them.

JL……It doesn’t kill the weed seeds themselves, but kills the broadleaf plant once it sprouts and takes in the herbicide.


One of our oldest herbicides. It was invented by Dow Chemical back in the 1940's. Has little affect on grasses.


Careful with 24D if it’s hot out. It vaporizes and air drifts. I’ve killed a small fruit orchard and other small trees from this.

By: t-roy

t-roy's embedded Photo

Here is my wife’s sprayer that she uses in the yard. She can never remember what it’s called, so she calls it R2D2!




Based on your application, it may be wise to consider an ester variety. Having said that, you need to be extra careful with regard to esters when there are sensitive plants nearby. Only you can know your intended application. Read up on amines vs. ester for more information.

By: Ollie

Don’t spray when it is windy! That is how you get drift damage to non target plants.

By: t-roy

Scoot…….I thought that was the new model Mathews bow!


People, remember there are different salt form of 2, 4-D. When you discuss the active, also specify is it the amine (which 2, 4 - D has a couple) These amines are water soluble. The flip side is the 2,4-D butoxyethyl ester The ester will mix with oil diluent (like kerosene for stump treating trees). When the the ester is combined with water as diluent,, an emulsion forms.

The ester form of 2,4, -D when sprayed with water can volatilization in higher temps. These vapors will cinge leaves on adjacent trees, perhaps damaging them.

So, be careful when you use herbicides. You only need 100% kill. More isn’t better. Calibrate your sprayers for correct coverage.


This is why I like the Bowsite always knowledgeable guys willing to help.

T-Roy I’m going ask for R2D2 at my local Runnings farm store. When they look at me funny I’ll tell them “don’t play games with me I want the good stuff”

As far as a new Mathews, I think I’ll wait for the C3PO-X2 version though, you can’t really trust the first model ;)


24D will kill everything you spray it on. 24DB is a broadleaf specific herbicide.


"24D will kill everything you spray it on. 24DB is a broadleaf specific herbicide" That is not a correct statement. Neither will kill grass.


I have killed grass with 24d amine when I mixed it to spot spray dandelion in the yard

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