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Hey everyone, my name is Kory McConnell. I am the Wildlife Habitat and Nutrition Specialist for AccuForage. I have my bachelors degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences.

AccuForage is a company who specializes in Mineral, Feed and Food plot blends for deer and turkey. Our company has a highly educated team, included two wildlife specialists (including myself) and a soil scientist. We have a wide variety of products that fit anyone's budget, but not using fillers or cheaper commodities to save on pricing. We offer high end products at a low cost to a consumer. For our feed and mineral our customers are seeing a 20% antler growth year to year.

I'm not here to make sales or anything business related, I just wanted everyone to get to know who AccuForage is and the person behind the products. As I offer to anyone, if there is anyone that has any questions on Deer and Turkey management please don't hesitate to reach out. You may reach out through my cell phone 724-99six-15eightfour. You can also reach out by emailing [email protected] Feel free to check out our products at www.accuforage.com. Thanks and have a great day everyone!

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