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Check out and Discuss my Miller hunting property! Hit the link above to view.


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By: MK111

Nice property and I will watch future postings. The dream of many but enjoyed by few.

It just amazes me what some people do. On another hunting forum guys complain about lack of property to hunt and want to buy and improve their own property. Then couple couples later they post they bought a 50K new 4x4 truck to drive back and forth to work in to feel good. There goes their property dream for another 5-6 yrs to pay the truck off.

Myself I bought a farm in 1991 and passed on all the new cars and trucks and nice vacations to keep and pay it off. And it was paid off in 11 yrs.


Looks like a nice place. I’ve owned a hunting place for ten years now and I’ve really enjoyed it, but now it’s up for sale. At 71 years of age, I’m tired of the constant attention it needs. I have other property I live on and the other is an hour away. If it were much closer I’d probably keep it. Good luck to you !


Your blessed!


MK- great statement. I bought 80 acres when I was 29. I hadn't graduated school yet and I only made $10.40/hr and mowed about 25 yards. We drove older, paid off vehicles and lived in a small, old, inexpensive house until a few years ago. I have never regretted buying the place and still think its the best thing I ever bought.


My wife and I bought 40 acres in 2000 for $1,100/acre. Guy across the road just bought some land and paid $3,250/acre. I never think about selling but one way to think about it is if it is an investment, seems safe.





Owning property is truly the best way to build long term wealth. Even better if you can enjoy the asset along the way and if it produces income from farming or leasing even better. The only downside is if your wife divorces you and you have to sell it on a fire sale. Been there and done that. Never again.


Since this property is in MS and I live in MS the fairest evaluation I could give you would be through about a 4-5 day on-site hunting evaluation.

Congrats on a great investment. With steady work & improvement you will reap the benefits of personal land ownership.

A word of caution- Don’t develop too many hunting buddies. Avoid the pain of being used and fake friendships.

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