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PutnamCoBow 15-Sep-17
PutnamCoBow 15-Sep-17
MK111 16-Sep-17
Rayzor 16-Sep-17

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Check out and Discuss my WV Bow hunting property! Hit the link above to view.


Fall plots have been in since Aug 19. Will post pics this weekend. So far so good . Mother nature has cooperated. About 1 inch of rain weekly since seeding.

By: MK111

Wow nice improvements. Your return in deer sightings should be great. Good luck this fall.

By: Rayzor

Nice. I have a lot of business up that way and travel through there regularly. I have seen a lot of nice bucks through the years. One aquaintance of mine shot a 142" 8 point very close to there.... just a couple hundred hundred yards off I-64 on the north side.

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