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Food Plot 2 - Merit Seed Brassicas, peas, and crimson clover - and Ag Beans

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use

Growth Results

My kill plot is generally my most active plot. I planted brassicas in the north half and Ag beans in the south half. Both came up well and the beans drew deer early, while the brassicas drew deer later. It worked well.

Activity Results

Activity at this kill is still the best field for deer. I had a ton of does, and several trophy bucks visiting daily, first for the beans and later for the brassicas. Activity here surpassed all the other plots combined.


I don't know what worked better, the soybeans or the brassica/pea/oat plot. Early season it was the soybeans, but by mid-October through January the fall, brassica planting was drawing well. I screwed up and forgot to add turnips to my mix so that was a miss for late season.

Plot Photo

Trail Cam Photo - brought to you by Moultrie Moultrie Trail Cams

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