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Food Plot 2 - Buck Beans and Ag corn

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use

Growth Results

Plot 2 is my kill plot and I added a redneck blind to get me closer to the plot. The design was to use the corn as a funnel directing deer up the soybeans in the middle. Both crops emerged well but the deer started to hammer the buck beans so hard that I had to put up an e-fence to salvage the young stand. That worked. I also made the same mistake on as plot 1 and should have sprayed pre-emergent here. The corn and the beans had weed invasion but overall both crops were excellent.

Activity Results

Activity was slow in early season but exceptional in mid-season and the rut. The beans got demolished early and the corn took up the slack after the rut. We had a lot of big bucks hitting this kill plot - mostly nocturnal.


This was my second year with the buck beans and they performed well, yet again. They set a lot of late beans. The one downside that I have noticed after two years is these buck beans don't draw as well as the Ag beans early in the season.

Plot Photo

Trail Cam Photo - brought to you by Moultrie Moultrie Trail Cams

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