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Food Plot 1 - AG Soybeans, AG Corn, Egyptian Wheat

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use

Growth Results

This year on my 14 acre field I changed things up from last year. I went with 80% Roundup Ready (RR) Ag soybeans, 20% RR field corn, and a 1 acre strip of Egyptian wheat. All three crops came up exceptionally well. I planted late April this year and sprayed Roundup twice. I made a mistake of not spraying pre-emergent herbicide and I was fighting foxtail grass, pigweed, and marestail into July. Despite the weed invasion, the plot was still exceptional. I set a ton of beans and a strong corn crop. The Egyptian wheat was planted as a buffer against my neighbor's fields which saw a lot of activity in 2020. I was very happy with my 2021 results.

Activity Results

Once again, activity was fantastic. The plot drew deer immediately. The neighboring crops were all field corn so I had little competition until their corn ripened. By mid October their corn was harvested and all the deer were back on my ground. Like last year, I left all of my crops standing. The late season was beyond belief. I had 250-300 deer on my beans every night. I've never seen so many deer in my life. I also found 24 sheds here in just 3 hours.


I have planted specialty beans again this season, but my Ag beans drew just as well at half the cost. Learning from the previous years' mistakes made a big difference. For example, I never stepped foot in this plot all year. I concentrated my hunts on my kill plot and trails leading to the fields. That, along with planting a screen of corn and Egyptian Wheat against my neighbors' line helped create security. This combination was a winner.

Plot Photo

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