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Photos from our Plots

Every year we have tons of left over photos, either we took ourselves or photos taken by our Moultrie Trail Cameras. We decided to pick out a bunch and share them with you. Enjoy.

Our soil test called for 26,000 lbs of lime. This service made it easy.
Big fields, big equipment.
Took me 8 hours of tilling and 8 hours of planting for my big soybean field.
I bought a beat up old Deere 7000 planter and rebuilt it. Fun project and it's as good as new.
I fenced my Hancock Buck Beans, just in case. Probably wasn't necessary given all the beans I had growing in the adjacent field.
This buck was my number 7, and not on my shooter list. I had four opportunities at him but passed them all.
Here's my beans in the winter. By mid december I had 70% of my beans standing. By mid March I have 40%.
This buck was my #1. I had him at 70 yards one afternoon three days before first firearm. I never captured a pic of him after gun season ended.
This buck was my #2. He vanished in late October but was a regular up unti then.
Here's my number 7, what you can't see is me in the tree just out of the frame. I passed him several times.
Spraying Glyphosate prior to tilling this old pasture
This buck was my number 3. There were better scoring bucks but he appeared to be the oldest buck. He also vanished in October.
This buck survived and was seen several times during the late season. He should be a great buck next year.
Hard to see in this photo but after blowing it up there are 79 deer visible in this pic. I estimated over 200 deer on my property during late season.
The late season was ridiculous.
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