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Food Plot 1B - Seedway Silver Queen Sweet Corn

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use

Growth Results

A few years ago I planted a plot of field corn and it was hammered by bears. I planted it for the deer and they never got a chance to eat it. This year I decided to plant sweet corn specifically for the bears. It worked, but it literally got wiped out while I was hunting elk in Arizona and I never had an opportunity to hunt it. The plot was far too small but had I not been out west, there was an excellent chance of killing a bear.

Activity Results

We had bears in the corn every night. We also had coyotes running in and grabbing ears along with coons, skunks, and crows. Very little deer activity. The bears kept them away.


For my objective of killing a bear, this .5 acre plot worked well. But I only had a very short window to get it done and that window came and went while I was hunting elk out west. The corn came up well and was delicious. But it attracted every animal with fangs and beaks within miles. I would do this again, only with a plot twice the size.

Plot Photo (Macro)

Plot Photo (Micro)

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