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The most important feature of Moultrie Mobile is not the Photos - it's the data

I’ve been using Moultrie Mobile for a few years now. It’s invaluable.  You get pictures in real-time from Moultrie Cams like their new Delta and it’s like you’re there in the field.

Moultrie Mobile 2021

What if I told you the real value to Moultrie Mobile isn’t the pictures at all?  You’d say I’m nuts – but for me, it’s true.  The most valuable part of Moultrie Mobile is the data that’s derived from the photos, over time.

Let me explain.

Photo’s are just that – they are pictures sent from a Moultrie cell cam to the Gallery. It’s the reason we started using Moultrie Mobile and why I’m constantly looking at my Moultrie Mobile App.  What most people don’t realize is the photo is not the only thing being uploaded; it’s also data about the photo.   

So what data is being sent along with the photo?   Here’s a list:

Date and Time


Moon Phase

Barometric Pressure

Camera Name

Camera Type

And more

One great feature of Moultrie Mobile is they allow unlimited storage of your photos and data. I have 4 years’ worth of photos – and more importantly - data from nearly 20,000 photos stored from my three properties.  The more you upload the Moultrie Mobile, the more insight you can get from that data. 


I’m going to give you another nerdy term – it’s called data mining.  The simple explanation is that the more data you have, the more helpful your data becomes.  It sounds complicated but it’s very simple.  With 20,000 photos uploaded, I have a lot of insight into patterns on my three hunting properties.  Let me give you an example:

I own a property in Ohio where I run 8 Moultrie Mobile cameras across several food plots.  I have a mock scrape set up in each plot.  I want to know what mock scrape/food plot camera is seeing the most activity? 

I simply go to the Moultrie Mobile App, click on activity, and filter by my mock scrape cameras plus the month of October.  I get a list of each camera to see what plot is getting the most activity. In this case, it’s my brassica plot which is getting hammered.

Let’s try another example.

I want to see what time of day sees the most activity at my feeder?  But this time I want allow the Moultrie Mobile App to automatically pick out only buck pictures.  After a quick calculation, it’s obvious that 6AM is where the feeder gets hit by bucks.  But is that the same for only does?   After the results are refreshed, it’s confirmed that 6AM is the best time to kill a buck or doe at this feeder.

Let’s try one last example. I want to see all the activity for bucks at my New York Property for the last two years by Moon phase.  I go to the activity feature on the app, choose my NY cameras, tell it to identify bucks only, and set my dates for the last two years.  The results are not surprising, the most buck activity occurs on the New Moon.

You can set your variables as wide or as narrow as you like and gain incredible insight over your hunting grounds.  And nobody I know even realizes this powerful capability even exists.

Consistency counts

If you want your data to be useful you must understand this one important rule; use consistent settings from camera to camera.  The Moultrie Mobile App gets photo data from the uploaded photos. If you have one camera sending 3 pics every 30 seconds, and a feeder camera sending 1 pic every 5 minutes your data will be skewed.  So, I have every camera taking one pic per minute.  That way I can trust the data to provide accurate metrics.

It goes without saying that there’s a ton of variables to consider:  Did I set the camera in a good spot?  Will my feeder see way more activity than a tree on the edge of a half-acre food plot?  You need to consider all variables when making your decision to hunt a particular location.  And just because you don’t get a lot of deer photos on one camera, doesn’t mean there’s not activity there.  Cellular cameras are a tool, just like field observation, scouting for rubs and scrapes, and actual observations made through hunting.

Lots of people think they can scout solely by game camera and they couldn’t be more wrong.  They are my most important scouting tool, but they aren’t the only tool I use – consistently successful bowhunters use them all.