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Review: Moultrie Mobile Edge cellular trail cam

New for 2022, The Edge is a major upgrade, easy to use and great new features

Moultrie Edge Cam Review

Activation and Setup

You activate the Moultrie Mobile Edge trail camera by scanning the bar code on the inside door of the cam, choose your plan, and the camera is ready to connect.  Takes about a minute if you already have a Moultrie Mobile account, and 5 minutes if you need to establish a new account.  Then you install your choice of 8, or 16 AA batteries, and slide the power button to the ON position.  The trail cam will connect to the best signal in your area regardless of carrier, and you are all set.  Anyone with a phone can do it. 

Video Review

New Features

New with the Edge, Moultrie has done away with the SD Card.  They replaced card storage with 16gb of internal storage.  No more buying, formatting, and swapping SD cards!  Moultrie will tell you that SD cards are responsible for most of their technical support calls so one less variable to go wrong.  And no need to worry about filling up the internal storage; when it hits capacity it simply overwrites the oldest files.   

Internal storage is not the only new feature. The Moultrie Edge camera has now eliminated needing to choose a carrier. In the past you had to purchase a carrier specific Cell Cam; like Verizon or ATT.  Now, the camera simply connects to the strongest carrier, and it will operate a much lower signal quality than the other cellular trail cameras. So, if you have one or two bars on an ATT network, the Edge will still function.  And if you move that camera to another property that only gets a Verizon signal – the camera will connect.

When it comes to power, this camera has been redesigned to be more efficient with battery management. The camera will operate on 8 AA batteries, or 16 AA batteries. So, if your camera is close by and you don’t want to buy a ton of batteries use the 8-battery side of the battery compartment. If your camera is 9 hours away (like my Ohio property cams) then fill up both sides of the battery compartment with 16 AA batteries total. I always recommend Lithium-Ion batteries in all cellular cams including this one.  The Edge will also accept an external battery box so if your camera is remote, and very critical, use 16 batteries and an external battery box.

The camera footprint itself is smaller, with a fold-down antenna.  Great for carrying it in a daypack or on a quad. 


Edge Specifications:

* Resolution is 33MP
* Trigger speed is .85 of a second
* Two capture modes: Photo, or Photo + Video
* Video clips are 15 seconds, and recorded in 720p High Definition with high quality sound
* No SD Card slot, the Edge uses 16GB of internal storage
* The camera has an 80' detection range and 80' flash range
* The Edge can connect to even weak cell signals
* The Edge connects to the best cellular carrier in the area
* The Edge is powered by your choice of 8 or 16 AA batteries, compatible with external battery box
* MSRP for the Edge is $99 for one, or $179 for two


Sample Photos from Moultrie Mobile Edge

Day Image from Moultrie Delta Base Trail Camera
This backlit photo was perfectly exposed with perfect color saturation
Night Image from Moultrie Delta Base Trail Camera
night images are just as good
Night Image from Moultrie Delta Base Trail Camera
Great photo detail



I received several units to test and placed them on mineral licks, food plots, and major deer trails.  The very first thing I noticed was how fast, and simple the connect process is with the Edge.  The camera is more compact, and I liked the fold down antenna. I had broken two cellular antennas in the past, so this was a welcome new feature.  Photo and video quality was better than expected.  Photo resolution was exceptional.  Pics are perfectly exposed, color balance and saturation are the best I’ve seen in a cellular trail camera, and that includes backlit photos which has been a problem for cell cams in the past. Night photos are just as crisp and perfectly exposed.

Video footage is also outstanding.  Day videos are also perfectly exposed, with terrific color balance and saturation. Motion is smooth and crisp.  Night photos are equally impressive. Exposure compensation is about as good as I’ve ever seen with no degradation in image quality or illumination. 



The Moultrie Mobile Edge trail camera is the best cellular trail camera I’ve used to date.  The footprint is better, the power management is better, replacing the SD card with internal storage was genius, and the connection options across multiple carriers is very convenient.  The fact that this camera will operate with a lower signal strength than previous cameras opens up some remote locations that were previously off limits.  The new features are great, but the best part for me are the captures. Video and photos are outstanding, including those captured during both daylight and nighttime hours.  I have already captured 2500 videos and over 1000 photos in just a few weeks without a single issue.

If you are looking at Cellular cameras in 2022, I recommend you give the Moultrie Edge a hard look.

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