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Review: Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro cellular trail cam

New for 2023, The Edge Pro (with AI) is is the most technologically advanced trail camera

Moultrie Edge Cam Review

For the last few weeks, I’ve been testing the new Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro cellular trail camera.  In this feature I’m going to cover my in-depth results and you can see our captured photos and videos in the YouTube clip below.  I’ll start off with this:  The Edge Pro is the most advanced cellular camera I’ve ever tried and represents a major shift in cellular trail camera technology.  We’re going to get into detail on every aspect of the Edge Pro but here are the NEW Feature highlights:

Edge Pro new features


The Edge Pro now has FTE (False Trigger Elimination) to prevent capturing non-target images such as a blade of grass, branch, Etc.


Built-in AI (artificial intelligence) chip can identify your targets and disregard non-target animals.


The Edge Pro has incorporated a LIVE VIEW feature using Bluetooth to get precise targeting in seconds.


An all-new rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack and solar pack charger saves you money over buying hundreds of AA batteries.

Video Review


Easy Setup

Setup is the same as the previous Edge camera, you simply open the app, click on activate, and follow the prompts.  It takes less than a minute and is a simple process. Simply choose your plan and connect.


The camera can be set to take photos, or photos + video.  Photos can be up to 36 megapixels, and you have the choice of Full HD 1080p quality, or standard 720p HD quality videos.  The microphone has been improved for better sound quality as well. There are several setting options like Burst Mode, Trigger Mode, Single Photos, Photo+Video, delay options, and more. There are also upload options which are all controlled through the app.

False Trigger Elimination (FTE)

One of the most annoying issues with all game cameras is when it triggers on non-target objects, like a weed moving in the wind, or vegetation that grew in front of your sensor.  With the all-new Smart Zone technology, you can now exclude areas of the frame.  It’s like the advanced features you find on a Ring video cameras where you can exclude areas from triggering. Simply select the grids where the problem is, and the camera will not trigger in those areas.

Integrated Artificial Intelligence (Smart Capture)

One of the most exciting new features is the AI chip that is built in the Edge Pro camera itself.  It’s able to determine a Buck, Doe, Turkey, Hog, Vehicle, or Person.  I placed a mineral lick on my property and activated Smart Capture to only take a (photo + video) if it detected a buck.  To gauge how accurate it was, I placed a standard, Moultrie Edge camera alongside it.  While there were some misses and false positives the results were impressive. I received 95% accuracy on bucks 80" or better.  I got a 30% false positive rate where a doe was identified as a buck, mainly where the background was busy.  The most impressive stat was I received a 100% accurate rate on everything else. No more pics on grass, moving branches, crows, etc.  Having the ability to trigger only on your target animal saves battery life and allows you to focus on your desired target - like a buck.  Another benefit is because you will receive far fewer pics, you can use a smaller plan.  This was one of the most impressive features of the new Edge Pro.


The Edge Pro utilizes Bluetooth wireless technology to connect directly to your phone so you can precisely position the trail cam for the perfect view.  You simply press the LIVE AIM button for 3 seconds, and when the blue light is flashing, press the Live Aim button within the app. The image will appear and once positioned you hit finish. 

New Power Options

Right out of the box, the camera operates on 8, or 16 AA batteries. I always recommend 16, and I always recommend Lithium Ion batteries.  Unfortunately, due to inflation, the price of Lithium batteries has nearly doubled, an 18 pack at BJ's Wholesale Club went from $19 to $34.  I was going broke buying batteries.  Moultrie recognized the need for a better power option so they designed a rechargeable battery pack that works on all Edge cams, including this new Edge Pro.  I love it.  The power pack pays for itself after three replacements.  They also designed a new solar panel that has a built in Lithium-Ion battery pack. The sun recharges the batteries and the batteries keep the camera powered.  These are must-have options!

Day Image from Moultrie Delta Base Trail Camera
There are several new power options. Out of the box, the Edge Pro comes with an 8/16 battery compartment. You can also purchase a Lithium ion rechargeable battery pack that will work in all edge cameras. Also new, you can purchase a Lithium ion battery pack with integrated solar charger.


Edge Pro Specifications

  • Trigger Speed: .50 second
  • Megapixels: 36MP resolution sensor and FHD 1080p video with HD audio
  • Maximum flash/infrared range (ft.): 100’detection and flash range
  • Field of View: range at 50°
  • Video capable: Yes (FHD 1080p video with HD audio)
  • Batteries Required: 8 or 16 AA alkaline or lithium batteries
  • Compatible Power Accessories: solar-power and battery pack accessories (not included)
  • Internal memory: Yes
  • Cell-boost antenna: included. No assembly required.
  • Finish: Mossy Oak® Bottomland® camo design
  • Warranty: Manufacturer's 2-year warranty for peace of mind
  • MSRP - $179


Sample Photos from our Edge Pro Test

Day Image from Moultrie Delta Base Trail Camera
This back-lit photo was perfectly exposed with perfect color saturation
Night Image from Moultrie Delta Base Trail Camera
night images are just as good
Night Image from Moultrie Delta Base Trail Camera
Great photo detail


Edge Pro Test Results

I tested three cameras using a combination of Edge Pro features including False Trigger Elimination and the AI Smart Capture settings.  The very first week I put my camera over a mineral lick I captured this magnificent buck, both in day and night photos.  I also captured a hundred pics of does.  So, I switched on the smart capture AI chip to direct the camera to trigger on bucks only.  To fully test the accuracy of this feature, I also placed a regular Edge came right next to the Edge Pro. The accuracy on bucks with established racks was impressive, around 95%.  Smaller bucks like spikes were sometimes excluded, and about 30% of the does were identified as bucks - due to a background feature that made the camera think the doe had antlers.  Overall, the AI chip performed better than expected and I saved about 200 uploads per week.  

The photo quality was exceptional.  You choose the quality option and for my test I went to the max setting.  Photos were exposed perfectly with excellent clarity on both day and night images.  Flash range was about 50 feet.  Moultrie had perfected their image quality with the Edge and the Edge Pro takes that up a notch.

Video quality is significantly improved over the previous cams.  The Edge Pro now supports Full HD at 1080p and full HD sound.  I shot mainly photo + video mode for all 3 of my cams. The results were spectacular with smooth motion, proper exposure and color.  Night videos were terrific as well.  I don’t think I had a single poor-quality video after over a thousand clips uploaded.

Day Image from Moultrie Delta Base Trail Camera
Our tests showed strong new features, particularly the AI integration and false trigger elimination. New power options are a must in our opinion. all three edge pro cameras performed exceptionally well over the last several weeks.



The new Moultrie Edge Pro camera is a giant leap in cellular trail camera technology.  The elimination of false images, and Smart Capture saves battery life and the frustration of scrolling through hundreds of non-target pics.  The image quality is exceptional, and the video quality is greatly improved.  I also loved the new power options, especially for those of us running multiple cellular trail cameras per season.  This camera is a must if you are trying to be more efficient with your trail camera monitoring, are looking to maximize power consumption, and are looking to reduce costs.  And like the original Edge cams, the Edge pro has internal memory (no SD Cards), connects on a poor signal, and utilizes power efficiently. 

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