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An Interview with Donald Trump Jr. - 2021

Donald Trump Jr talks exclusively with Bowsite again - and he has a lot to say since our last interview in 2016.

By Pat Lefemine, Founder -

In 2016 Bowsite interviewed Don Jr. for over an hour. That interview took place before his dad shocked the world, and was elected President of the United States. You can listen to our previous interview here.

To say 'a lot has changed for Don Jr. in the 5 years since that interview' would be the understatement of the year. Two impeachments, a Russian Collusion investigation, relentless media coverage to name a few. Yet Don still managed to escape all of that and take a pile of animals with his bow and guns. So I reached out to Don about talking with Bowsite again and he agreed.

The interview is focused on hunting. However, it strays into other areas too like politics, cancel culture, 'woke' generals, afghanistan, politically correct duck stamps and so much more. We also dicuss Don's latest project for hunters Field Ethos Journal. If there's one feature you pay attention to all year on Bowsite - this is the one.


Donald Trump Jr's interview questions

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