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An Interview with the Whitetail Master, Don Higgins

Don's top five archery bucks average 204" and it's all done DIY - through hard work. Don shares in-depth strategies and opinions in this exclusive interview.

By Pat Lefemine, Founder -

There are dozens of so-called 'whitetail experts'. Guys with YouTube channels and popular social Media accounts. I really don't pay any attention to any of them and personally believe, most are just phonies. Then, there are the guys that those of us who live and breath whitetail hunting listen to. Don Higgins is one of them. Don has shot 5 bucks that average over 204". And he's done it all himself - the hard way. He puts in his own plots, manages his own land, identifies his own bucks, and then uses decades of expertise to kill them, on his own.

Don is a low-key guy, but he has opinions and is not afraid to share them. I have always admired his expertise, and his style. His advice is priceless, yet he's not one to constantly self-promote himself. That's Ok, we'll do that for him.

In this 40 minute interview, Don Higgins answers some really interesting questions. Some of his answers (like how he manages scent) maysurprise you.. And he steps you through the mistakes guys make, his strategy for hunting a giant buck, and more.

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