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A Q&A with Turkey Experts Harold Knight and David Hale

They have a century of Turkey hunting experience between them and they share their tips and secrets in this Exclusive Interview!

By Pat Lefemine, Founder -

I started turkey hunting in the eighties. Back then, my turkey hunting idols were Harold Knight and David Hale from Knight and Hale Game Calls. Fast forward some 30 years and guess what - these two guys are still legends in the Turkey Hunting world - and with good reason. They are deadly on turkeys, but more importantly - they are high quality individuals who love hunting and enjoy sharing their combined, 100 years of knowledge with other Turkey Hunters. I am honored they agreed to talk with us at Bowsite!

Listen to Turkey Hunting Masters Harold Knight and David Hale

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  1. What are your 'go-to' calls?
  2. What are your favorite locater calls for early morning, late morning, afternoon?
  3. Describe your Bowhunting setup? Blind? Decoys?
  4. Do you feel motion is important when using Decoys?
  5. When bowhunting - do you prefer head shots or body shots?
  6. What is your tactic when a Gobbler will not leave a Hen?
  7. Can you demonstrate some of your favorite sounds when calling?
  8. When should hunters STOP calling?
  9. How do you guys go about Designing turkey calls?
  10. What is your favorite diaphragm call style and why?
  11. How does your calling change in the Fall Turkey Season?
  12. What is the top mistake Turkey hunters make?
  13. How do you approach pressured birds on Public Land?
  14. What's your opinion on Fanning Turkeys which is all the rage now?
  15. What is your preferred shotgun/Choke/Load combination for Turkeys?
  16. What are your tips for getting Kids into Turkey Hunting?


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