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Question 1 - Introduction and background

Broadhead Tuning with Lennie Rezmer

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  1. Introduction and background
  2. Why do people have so much trouble getting good arrow flight with fixed blade broadheads?
  3. Are some fixed blade broadhead designs better than others?
  4. How much does arrow weight factor into fixed blade arrow flight?
  5. What is your opinion of spine indexing? walk back tuning, bare shaft tuning? etc.
  6. Can you step us through your process of tuning fixed blade heads? etc.
  7. Is it a myth that your field points and broadheads have the same point of impact?
  8. What are your thoughts on feathers vs. plastic vanes for fixed blade arrows?
  9. There are reports of sloppy, and inconsistent carbon arrows being produced, any truth to that?
  10. How should guys find good advice amidst all of the misinformation on broadhead tuning?
  11. What does the future hold for carbon arrows? Can you give us a glimpse into new Carbon Express arrows in 2017?
About Lennie Rezmer
About Lennie Rezmer - Lennie is an Executive Vice President with Eastman Outdoors responsible for Global Brands. His degree and background is engineering and he is considered by many in the industry to be The go-to person on arrow physics, design and tuning. He has been shooting a bow since the age of 4 and has been in the archery industry his entire life.
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