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If there is one thing I never grow tired of it's bowfishing. These days I seem to do far less bowfishing than I did years ago even though my boat is in the water more than ever. The reason? Kids, Buddies and my love for watching youngsters and grown men alike giggling after a night of shooting fish. In this feature I'm going to update you on the equipment we're using along with some highlights from the 2008 bowfishing season.

Bowfishing Gear 2008

This is the gear we used this season. It's fairly simple and works very well:

Muzzy Bowfishing Reel AMS Slotted Retriever
Muzzy Fish Hook Rest Muzzy Stingray Point Muzzy Classic Fish Arrow with Carp Point


Next Week - Semi-Live Alligator Bowhunt from Florida


Here's a collection of video and photos from our 2008 Bowfishing Season. All of these photos and videos were shot in Connecticut on the CT River.

Lonnie Desmarais from Massachusetts had a great time with his son Tyler Sales Rep Charlie Rehor of Rhode Island was on Fire in mid June
Pat Lefemine Jr. (age 12) shot the "Fish of the Year" with his Freakazoid Matt Lefemine (age 10) shot a boatload in late May
This may have been the Ct state record, we figured him for 40 lbs! My biggest ever! Roy Robison (right) with his son Robbie and a great 30lb carp!


Enjoy these Bowfishing Videos from Bowhunting.TV. 10-Year Old Matt Lefemine puts a hurting on some CT Carp!

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