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Central Barren Ground Caribou

Hunt Cost: $13,500
Travel Cost: $1,800
Attempts: 3

Date Killed: 08/29/2009

Jake's Difficulty Rating
Central Barren Ground Caribou 0.5

Jake rated each animal based on three criteria:

1.) degree of training probably required:
2.) element of danger...(either from the expected weather, terrain, or animal)
3.) the cost.

Zero would be the lowest, and three would the highest.

He did not take into account the difficulty involved in taking a P&Y caliber animal (i.e. mule deer, etc).


Taxidermy Photo

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Jake's Central Barren Ground Caribou Summary

I had to hunt these animals three times before I was lucky enough to take one, and it is my understanding that the season is virtually shut down in much of the area that used to have thousands of them. On my third hunt, I was near the NWT/Nunavut border, and we were lucky enough to see several hundred caribou over the five days that we were there. I actually had two tags and was able to take two bulls on that hunt. My first bull was at 46 yards, and my second was less than thirty yards. We also saw barren ground grizzly bears and wolves. I did bring home some of the meat, which I canned. For anyone interested in scoring caribou, I have a couple photos that I can share to illustrate some things to keep in mind when trying to score these animals.

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