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American Elk

Hunt Cost: $4,000
Travel Cost: $600
Attempts: 2

Date Killed: 9/13/1991

Jake's Difficulty Rating
American Elk 1.5

Jake rated each animal based on three criteria:

1.) degree of training probably required:
2.) element of danger...(either from the expected weather, terrain, or animal)
3.) the cost.

Zero would be the lowest, and three would the highest.

He did not take into account the difficulty involved in taking a P&Y caliber animal (i.e. mule deer, etc).


Taxidermy Photo

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Jake's American Elk Summary

Very few animals are willing to give away their location in the wild. I really think that is why I enjoy turkey hunting and elk hunting as much as I do. While turkey may have a slight advantage in visual acuity, the elk's sense of smell more than compensates for that difference. I took my first Rocky Mountain Elk in 1991, near Philipsburg, Montana. I got my shot opportunity with ten minutes remaining on the final day of the archery season. It was a twenty-eight yard shot that hit a little far back. We located the bull the next morning, about 300 yards away. I gave away more of the meat than I should have....LOL!!

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