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Review: Moultrie Delta Base Cam

New for 2022, Moultrie's Cellular Cam, the Delta Base is the best cell cam we've used to date

2022 Delta Base Cam

New for 2022, Moultrie has introduced the new Delta Base Cam. This cellular camera is named after their 2021 'Delta' cam, but the new Delta Base is dramatically improved. This includes image quality, night illumination, trigger speed, even signal strength. The Delta Base works seamlessly with the Moultrie Mobile platform.

Attaching the Delta Base to a Moultrie Mobile Plan is a simple process and should be done before you power up the camera. You’ll need a Moultrie Mobile account so if you don’t have one; set one up. Once you have a Moultrie Mobile account, click on Activate a camera, and scan the bar code label on your new Moultrie Delta Base Camera. Choose the plan that best meets your needs (and budget) and you are all set to deploy your Delta Base in the field.


* Resolution is 24MP
* Trigger speed is 3/4 of a second
* Two capture modes: Photo, or Photo + Video
* Video clips are recorded in 1080p High Definition with high quality sound
* Detection range is 80 feet
* The camera uses 36 invisible LEDs to illuminate both photos and videos
* Cell signal is boosted by a newly designed cell-boost antenna
* The Delta Base works with either Verizon, or ATT’s cellular network
* The Delta is powered by 12 AA batteries and also includes an input for an external power source.
* MSRP for the Delta Base is $99


Video Review


Test Results

After I received my three Delta Base cams, I put one cam out at my home in Connecticut and two cams out at my farm in Ohio. I originally set up the cams for photos only and I was blown away by the photo quality. The color balance was outstanding, and the photos were crisp and perfectly exposed. One impressive detail was how the Delta Base performed with backlit images.

I was especially interested to see how the Delta Base would handle videos. The ability to transmit videos was introduced with the previous Delta model and that was a game-changer for me. The previous Delta model had image issues, particularly with videos, but after 700 video clips this new Delta Base Cam had zero image issues. In fact, the photos and videos were outstanding. The sound quality on the videos was excellent as well, no camera hum or static.

Night photo exposure and illumination was perfect, with excellent image quality. That image quality extended to both day and night pics. The sensor in this new Delta Base cam is the best I’ve experienced in a trail camera.


Day Image from Moultrie Delta Base Trail Camera
The detail, exposure, color balance, and crispness was remarkable
Night Image from Moultrie Delta Base Trail Camera
night images were sharp, well illuminated, and perfectly exposed with no LED Glow to alert game
BacklitImage from Moultrie Delta Base Trail Camera
The sensor on the Delta Base did a great job of exposing backlit photos like this snow images


I was extremely impressed with the Moutrie Delta Base trail camera. Battery life has been great, trigger response is terrific, the night illumination with invisible LED’s was perfectly exposed, and the image and video quality is sharp with excellent color balance.

I’ve long been a fan of Moultrie Mobile and the Delta Base camera really takes the platform to a new level. If you’re looking at cellular trail cams, the new 2022 Delta Base camera would be my first choice.

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