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Review: 2022 Mathews V3X

Mathews V3X is not just a bow, it's an entire system

The Mathews V3X builds on the popularity of last year’s V3 with some big changes. First, it comes in two sizes, 29 inches and 33 inches Axle to Axle. So both models added two inches from last year’s V3. This bow I’m reviewing is the 29 inch version which is better suited to my draw length.

As I was putting my bow together, it became apparent that Mathews didn’t just create a new bow, they created an entire system. And this system, complete with a dovetail rest, a new; through-the-riser sight, and amazing new low-profile quiver design made the bow better balanced, quieter, and my best shooter to date.

Much of the technology associated with last year’s V3 was retained in the V3X; that includes the CrossCentric Cams with Switch Weight modules so you can easily change the bow’s draw length and weight, Centerguard cable system, 3D damping technology, deflected limbs and the popular focus grip which I love.

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V3X Characteristics

Balance and Feel: I found the balance of the V3X to better than the V3, due to the longer riser and considerably better balanced with the integrated accessories.

Hand Shock: I experienced no hand shock at all. Particularly when utilizing the entire V3X system it’s basically just a dull thump after release.

Draw Cycle: If you recall, I wasn't crazy about the draw cycle in last year’s 27" V3, but this V3X draw cycle rocks. Adding two more inches really made a difference in draw feel, along with a solid back wall which I like very much.

Speed: The V3X-29 got a bit faster at 340 feet per second and it’s very stable at that speed.

Accuracy: In a word: amazing. I had the bow tuned and ready in after 15 minutes, and after 30 minutes I was dead ringing the ten at 30 yards. I was so confident that I grabbed my V3X, put on my Sitka gear, and climbed into my Summit treestand less than one hour after the UPS driver left my farm. I have often said the NoCam was my favorite shooter, but it’s been replaced by the V3X. Some bows just feel better than others and this bow checked all my boxes for shoot-ability.

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V3X Accessories

The V3X is a system and by that I mean the bow and accessories are designed to work together to make the entire package perfectly balanced, quiet and easier to shoot. Starting with the new sight:

The Bridge-lock sight is mounted directly through the bow’s riser. No more external mounting bracket. It does three things, it improves balance, it allows for a streamlined profile, and it reduces felt vibration. The Bridge-Lock comes in a fixed, 5-pin design and allows you to micro-adjust elevation, and windage.

The Mathews LowPro Quiver which is Available in a Fixed 6-arrow, or Detachable 5-arrow configurations. The LowPro Quiver moves the arrows much closer to the riser which greatly improves balance, while minimizing vibration. Of course, the dovetail MX rest, introduced previously, rounds out the entire system.

Please note: If you already have a favorite rest, quiver, or sight - no worries, the V3X accepts previous accessories as well.

I have one last accessory to discuss and you backcountry guys are gonna flip. Mathews has introduced the Stay-Afield-System (or SAS for short) and it allows you to do field repairs such as installing peeps, replacing strings, and replacing cables with nothing more than a 1/2 ounce servicing cable. Having busted a bow on an Alaskan goat hunt, I can appreciate this innovative field repair kit. I know at least a dozen mountain hunters on Bowsite who’ll buy the V3X for this servicing cable alone -Brilliant!


Mathews Halon Specs
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My bow arrived at my farm in Northeast Ohio right in time for the pre-rut where things were really heating up. Only a few days after receiving my V3X, one of my top two trophy bucks followed a doe into my brassica plot. I grunted to stop him and drew my V3X. The buck was twenty-five yards broadside. I settled my pin on the big Ohio buck’s chest and watched a perfect arrow sail through his lungs. It was my very first buck on my Ohio farm and I even got to share this special moment with my son who was visiting that week. A perfect ending to an amazing deer season.

Go to your Mathews dealer and try out the 2022 V3X-29. If you want a longer bow, then check out the V3X-33 as well. It’s important to try any bow before you shoot them. Just because I love a bow doesn’t mean you will - but I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love it - along with all the accessories.

Mathews Halon Specs


The V3X system is arguably Mathews best to date. It’s a great example of precision engineering between a bow, and integrated accessories working together to make me more effective at killing stuff. That’s all I care about, and this V3X system really delivered on that.


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