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Review: 2021 Mathews V3

Mathews flagship bow is even shorter than the VXR but it's quite a shooter!

The Mathews V3 continues the trend of ever shorter hunting bows that started with the Triax, continued with the Vertix and last year's VXR, and this V3 is the shortest yet at 27 inches axle to axle.

The V3-27 is an evolution of last year's VXR 28 with an advanced design to further improve accuracy, stability and shootability. Mathews has perfected the geometry providing a longer, lighter weight riser, coupled with a shorter axle to axle length.

The new Centerguard cable system places the cables in the true center of the bow, resulting in optimal cam timing. This greatly enhances tunability while also providing for additional vane clearance.

The V3 deploys the all-new Nano 740 3D damping technology, which is tuned to the specific harmonics of each model and has improved the balance at full draw.

The V3 improvements do not stop there. New this year are deflected limbs and past-parallel geometry which, along with a redesigned limb cup, cuts weight while increasing performance and efficiency. The bow carried over some great features from last year like the Silent Connect System and Switch Weight modules that allows you to easily change your draw length and draw weight.



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Balance and Feel - I found the balance of the V3 to be even better than the VXR due to the advanced geometry and the repositioned Dampener.

Hand Shock - I experienced no hand shock at all. Mathews has really perfected the post-shot "dead in the hands" feel with their designs the last few years.

Draw Cycle - This was the only aspect of the V3 that I felt was a step back from last year's VXR. Given the V3's higher performance geometry, shorter axle to axle, and 72 lbs draw weight it was still very good, just not quite as smooth as recent Mathews bows, in my opinion.

Speed - The V3-27 lost 8 feet per second IBO over the VXR-28 and clocks in at 336 feet per second, it's plenty fast and I'll take the stability of this platform, over speed, any day.

Accuracy - I received this bow 12 hours before leaving for Kansas. It took me 30 minutes to tune and I was shooting tens with it out to 30 yards within an hour. It was every bit as accurate as my VXR and for a lighter, and shorter bow I was very happy with the accuracy. I should add that tuning this bow was a snap.



Mathews Halon Specs


I would summarize the V3 like this: The V3 27 is a lightweight, well-balanced, fast, and highly maneuverable hunting bow. While I know some guys will be apprehensive at the short A2A, this bow shoots as good as any 32" bow. It is a great all-around hunting bow and it performed well when I had a super buck in front of me during my Kansas bowhunt.


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