2009 Compound Bows

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2011 Bow Evaluation Commentary

Shooter Bows

Mathews Z7 Extreme
APA Viper V7
Martin Onza 3
Elite Hunter
Diamond Outlaw
G5 Prime Centroid
Bowtech Assassin
Hoyt CRX 32

Speed Bows

PSE Dream Season EVO
Elite Pulse
Darton DS3800
APA Mamba M7
Bear Carnage
Mathews Z7 Magnum
Bowtech Invasion CPX
Strother SX1


The H2H Bow Test is in its 9th year and is still the only test that has a rigorous method to assess the subjective aspects of a hunting rig - subjective aspects that play a big part in our purchasing decisions. How can we test subjective elements? We use a blindfold to keep brand knowledge and brand loyalty at bay. Yes, everyone is jumping on the multiple-bow-test bandwagon that we started many years ago, however, none go to the extent we do or have the distinction we do.

H2H testing methods also dictate a unique ranking structure. Bows are ranked first to last, each receiving a true position based on an extensive selection and elimination process. A detailed explanation of these methods can be found in the Test procedure section of this test. Out of the eight bows tested and ranked in each of the two groups (Shooter's Bows/Speed Bows) only the top four will be viewable. Speed results are the only exception - you will see the full set of data on speed. Why only show the top four? This is done to protect the companies and individuals that are represented by a bow that is listed toward the bottom of the rankings. Consider things from the manufacturer's point of view. Nobody wants to bust their tail creating a bow and then have it come in 8th place out of 8 bows in a test viewed by ~60,000 bowhunters. These are all quality bows worthy of a first-hand look should you be in the market for a new rig.

You will be presented with the following information: