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Mathews Z7
Rytera Alien Nemesis
Elite Z28
Hoyt AlphaBurner
Bowtech Destroyer
PSE Axe 6
Mathews Monster 7.0
Hoyt Maxxis 31
Bear Attack
Elite Judge
Athens Accomplice
PSE Vendetta


Welcome to the 2010 Head2Head Bow Test. This is our 8th year running this test on Bowsite.Com! Our test was the first Head-2-Head test of its kind and is still the only test that employs the aid of a blindfold. While there are others that have jumped on the “multiple bow test” bandwagon our test is set apart through our methods and integrity. Our rules and methods are not compromised and each bow company is placed on the same playing field as all the others. This is a no-nonsense bow-to-bow evaluation of the archery world’s top rigs.

The ranking method has been through some changes over the years. We started out with a bracketed tournament type test that we tied into the March Madness tournaments and then moved into a complete 1st to last true stacking in the last few years. I think the true ranking method is the best and will stick to it. I will not, however, publish all the rankings from 1 through 6. You will only see the top three for each category (except speed) and the top three overall for subjective and composite. This is done to protect the companies and individuals that are represented by a bow that finds itself toward the bottom of the rankings. Consider things from the manufacturer’s point of view. Nobody wants to bust their tail creating a bow and then have it come in 6th place out of 6 bows. In past years I tried to explain to you, the reader, and to the manufacturers that last place isn’t a bad thing when you consider these are probably the best bows in the business. There is a good chance that our number 6 bow would still be number 6 if even if we tested 30 bows - then 6th wouldn’t seem too bad, would it? I struggled with the best way to balance disclosure, useful information and compassion and in the end I decided that it would be better for everyone if only the top three are posted. These are all quality bows worthy of a first-hand look should you be in the market for a new rig.

In 2010 we will continue the tradition started in 2009 - You will see a completed force draw curve and associated information such as kinetic energy, dynamic efficiency, etc for each bow. In recent years I have worked with two skilled engineers to produce a force draw system with integrated software package - the Silks Outdoors Bow Analysis Program.

What you will see this year: