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More than a game - an incredible opportunity to learn from Barry Wensel


View all of the Resources below including photos, property details, and audio commentary by Barry Wensel. Carefully examine these clues to decide the best Summit Treestand on this property. You are picking the best MORNING and AFTERNOON stands which can be either different locations or the same stand. Once you have chosen your location, click on the Choose Stand Location box (below) to enter. You do not have to be registered with to enter this contest.

Property Summary

This property and all details about it provided by Barry Wensel. It is approximately 350 acres and is a working farm with both AG crops and cattle. You are the only hunter on the property however various degress of pressure exist over the border. The date for this hunt is November 15th and you are hunting the prevailing wind which is Northwest. You are looking for the best stand(s) to kill a mature buck, not the stand(s) with the most activity.

1st Prize

rsxHawk Hang On Stand & Bucksteps The all aluminum rsxHAWK weighs 13.5 lbs and hangs in less than 30 seconds thanks to Summit's innovative Talon Bracket System. Summit Bucksteps attach to the tree individually allowing you to climb trees that would otherwise be inaccessible to climbing tree stands.

2nd Prize

Seat-O-The-Pants STS Deluxe The Summit Seat-O-The-Pants STS Deluxe Harness is designed with comfort and safety in mind, with unique binocular slide holder & side pouch.

3rd Prize

Game Cart Summit's Game Cart was engineered to make carrying your trophy game out of the woods easily and quickly. Strap your game to the cart, using the utility straps, and then easily walk out with the support of the large wheels and solid frame.

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