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This challenge is based on 10 years of actual hunts on this particular piece of land. While the land around these plots has become thick and overgrown, the wind patterns, food sources, bedding areas and general field shapes have not changed. We have consistently killed a deer every opening day on this plot and the diagram, including all deer trails, is extremely accurate. Let's see if you can pick the stand that took us 10 years to figure out!

Your mission is to analyze this diagram, paying attention to deer trails, wind direction, food plots and tree species. You have two stands to choose from, a new Summit X-Pod which is a self-standing unit suitable for brushy areas and scrub, or the new Summit Deer Deck hang-on stand. You can only hang ONE stand and you need to pick the one that consistently results in a dead deer every opening day. We will announce the correct stand during our Semi-Live Caribou Bowhunt at the end of September.


Your Mission - Hang your SUMMIT X-POD or Deer Deck Treestand in the HOT SPOT based on the clues below:

  • The fields are the flat Summit of a relatively steep hillside. The elevation at the field is 1024 ft., the elevation at the South fencline is 890 ft.
  • It is an Afteroon hunt, and the deer typically come from bedding areas in the Southwest brush or the thick woods to the Southeast.
  • Actual photos from the area:

  • There is no food source for 1 mile surrounding these plots.
  • On the weekend of September 16, a scrape was found the far east end of the plot under that lone hawthorn tree.
  • Self-imposed Max shot distance is 20 yards.


The fun of this challenge is in the public discussion found here. We will post the correct answer the fourth day of our Semi-Live Caribou hunt which begins in September 30.

Good Luck!


The correct stand is in one of these photos. See if you can figure out where it is!
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Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6



A Special Thank you to my 8 year old son Matthew (World's Greatest Tracker) who put the X-Pod's together for this competition...




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