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This challenge is based on an actual hunt on State Game Lands in Pennsylvania. It is opening day morning and the property had been scouted only once prior to the first mornings' hunt. There are two of us hunting & filming together. We killed the only deer seen on Saturday, Opening day of archery season, and then the only deer seen on Monday, day 2 of Archery Season. We killed both of these deer from the same stand. Take a look at the clues provided and see if you can guess which stand was THE STAND to hunt from based on the clues.

Your Mission - Hang your SUMMIT OpenShot Treestand in the HOT SPOT based on the clues below:

  • All trails marked have the same volume of deer tracks in them
  • It is a morning hunt, and the deer typically come from fields in the North
  • The deer appear to bed either in the bushes to the East or a thicket to the South
  • Actual photo of the area found here
  • Photo taken under oaks found here
  • All oak production is consistent
  • There are no rubs, scrapes or droppings found while scouting
  • Self-imposed Max shot distance is 20 yards

OpenShot Climber

Weight:  14 lbs.
Tree size:  8 to 20 inches
Seat height:  Adjustable
Seat Size:  (base) 18" wide by 12" long
Overall Length:  20" wide by 32" long
Platform Area:  20" wide by 24 3/4" long
Seat Frame size:  (inside) 19.75" wide by 14" long
Weight Limit:  300 lbs.


The fun of this challenge is in the public discussion found here. We will post the correct answer (and maybe the kill video) the first day of our Live Deer Hunt which starts Saturday, November 5 from Kansas.

Good Luck!


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