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A Few Notes from Brad on his Training, tips, and Preparation

  • I'm a bit anal when it comes to my gear. See the included packing list to understand.
  • Andy Cool seriously hooked me up from a communications standpoint with an Iridium 9555 and all the fixins. If you need to rent a sat phone for an upcoming hunt or travels, or if you're interested in buying a phone, I'd highly recommend giving Andy or Nina (Zabuga) at Explorer Satellite a call.
  • You need a system for keeping your electronics running and your batteries warm. I use one I learned about here on the Bowsite -- a pizza bag with tons of chemical warmers.
  • Winterization of cameras/video cameras is beyond my scope here, but serious photographers traveling to the Arctic should look further into this subject. You should definitely pack a spare disposable camera in case your digital gets hypothermic.
  • Remove all grease/lubricants from the moving parts of your equipment. Some of these compounds can actually freeze in artic-level temperatures.
  • Turn off the heat in your home. Turn off the heat in your truck. Shoot outside in your underwear.
  • Also spend some time practicing with your clothes (meaning your Arctic clothes) ON. Have a system for what you are going to change into/wear for the final stalk/shot. Many bowhunters/archers shoot draw lengths that are too long for them (probably the most common form flaw I see) - this can especially be a problem when bulky clothing/sleeves are necessary.
  • Acclimatization is important to both your success and your enjoyment of the hunt. I'm an ultrarunner, so I spend lots of time outside training in the winter. This winter I wore as little clothing as possible on my runs - some of which are measured in days rather than hours. If you work outside you are in luck, because that is the perfect time to wean layers and acclimatize.
  • I actually tried to put on a little weight for this hunt. Fat is natural insulation. For the record, you will never hear me say this about another hunt, but traveling to the Arctic is a bad time to get lean.
  • I get asked a lot about mental preparation in the setting of dangerous game bow hunting. You need to bring your mental "A" game for a hunt like this. You need to spend time visualizing potential shot scenarios. You need to know exactly what standards you are going to hold for yourself and your shot selection - i.e. shot distance, shot angle, wind speed/conditions, the posture/mood of the animal, etc. You need to visualize these things enough that they become second nature. Even with all of this - even when you do everything right - realize that things can still turn into a giant gong show.

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