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Today was try to get Antoine a bull day. Alan had very large blisters on his feet and he sat of the wallow we shot the pigs off first morning. He ended seeing nothing but buff and a decent bull came in, so maybe I should have stayed with him.

I didn't though and myself and the two Paul's cooked ourselves hard. We found lots of small bulls and one cracker that gave us the slip.  We tried and tried and covered so many kilometers that we are all stuffed tonight, especially in combination with the week we have had.

We found oodles of buff today and after a week of searching we finally found the honey hole. It is such a shame that it was so late in our stay though. This was our last day, but thankfully we are going to give it one last hit in the morning. We saw a few cracking cows today and if it is one of them that I come across in the morning first, then I will take one. Their racks look pretty cool when they are big and long so I won't be too fussed. Still, a bull is the aim and if go home empty handed on the buff front, then so be it. We have had a wonderful week with some great times and being there for the Paul's to take their beasts is a massive reward in itself. We also have a stack of magic pics to get through once we all reach home.

A couple of small bulls we saw today

Rest assured though, today did not go without incident. As Paul T and I were walking a creek, a very big cow was spotted in the water with a few young ones. I signaled to Paul that she was there and to watch them. He was 25m to my left and she 15m to my right. I was thinking of cracking her and nocked an arrow. I didn't draw in the end and she rose out of the water with a nottoo pleased look about her.

She stepped toward me and then went to her right. Paul saw her come out of the creek and the small mob of four all headed toward him. Paul waved his arms to make them veer away and the cow simply lowered her head and went for him. As Paul ducked behind a forked tree with two trunks of around 6 inches thick, she tried to crack him with her substantially sharp horns. Realising she was only drawing bark and not blood, she then proceeded to try and push the tree over on to him.

While this was happening, I was running towards them with my arrow still nocked and getting ready to draw and hopefully stop her from making Paul a horn ornament. Paul kept his cool though and reached back from holding the tree up and grabbed a good sized rock. At point blank he let it fly right on the bridge of her nose. It did the trick and with one last flick and look back at him, she took off.

Paul's heart was going 500 miles an hour and we both took our time to recuperate. It was one experience never to be forgotten and Paul certainly has plenty of courage in the face of adversity. I think if I was him, I probably would have cried like a big girl and scared her off with my bawling at best.

We did smack a couple of young pigs in the afternoon, but other than that, it was another tough day in the bowhunting office. Not a lot of photos taken today as the aim was to find one to shoot with the bow and then take pics later.

Will see how we go in the morning. Will be hunting till lunch time and we are going to bust a gut for one last hit at them. Next and final update will be tomorrow night when we get home.

Hopefully the buff hunting for me this trip won't go up like this.

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