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Well yesterday I left you with a shot of Paul T at full draw with his Black Widow curve. Here it is again.

Now this is what went down after that. I didn't catch the final release, but the buff actually turned to face Paul as he released. After checking today, the shot was only from 6m. Man it was cool to witness and Paul W got it all on film, so the next Born Bowhunter DVD is going to have some great footage in it.

Instant joy with a thumbs up. Always a great feeling as a bowhunter when you know you have hit the sweet spot.

It was quite late when he took the shot and despite it looking the goods, the buff ran down out of sight and we thought it best to leave him till morning. After a bit of a sniff around for pigs again, we came up empty and it was time to track the bull and this is what we found.

One happy camper with a buff on the deck.

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After taking the beast down and carrying out the head, Paul was a cooked soul, so he and I sat off a waterhole for the afternoon whilst Paul W and Alan went back to see if they find the big boy from the waterhole a couple of days ago. He had gotten under Paul's skin and he really wants him.

Paul and I had a non event afternoon, bar for caping the skull and capping it. Paul W and Alan returned after a long wait off the hole and only two cows and calves came in. We then retreated to see if we could pick anything up on our drive out. Not far before leaving the place, the nice bull that Paul T stalked two days before was spotted out wide.

I was up and quickly got in on to him. At 30m I drew back and was ready to shoot with him broadside and unaware. I let it go and the arrow took an awful deflection and sailed over his back. He was out of there quick and it was all a bit of a rush. After seeing Paul's on the ground, am definitely keen to get one now, more than ever.

That wasn't to be the end of proceedings though as a lone large boar was spotted a couple of hundred meters of the road. Alan and Paul W made a mad dash to beat the light and the pig played his part in catching the arrow flush on the point of the shoulder and out behind the opposite one. This pig was obviously achin' to be bacon, as he didn't pay much attention to the boys who wasted no time in getting it done. Always sweet when it goes down that way.

Here is Alan with the hefty boar. He would have pushing close to 100kg.

Alan had the following set up for the trip.

Bow - 2007 Martin Slayer EX SE, 71lb @ 30", Winners Choice string & cables, QAD LD full capture rest, Viper Predator sight with 6 pins set at 10m intervals, Fuse stabiliser, Trophy Ridge 6 arrow bow quiver, Wedgetail wrist sling, Tru-ball release aid

Arrows – GoldTip XT Hunter shafts @ 29", 2" blazer vanes with RH helical, 50 grain Goldtip brass inserts, 125 grain 2 blade Outback Supreme's and Hunter broadheads and 125 grain Blackstumps

Tomorrow Paul W is going Barra fishing while myself, Paul T and Alan will be back at the buff and hogs. See you tomorrow night.

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This is an Unguided Hunt sponsored by South Pacific Bowhunter Magazine!


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