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Saturday Morning Hunt

For this morning I hunted the Kill Tree. Kent picked out this stand to commemorate my 10 year anniversary here at Cimarron. He's sentimental that way. The weather had turned warm and windy. Not the best conditions for a rut hunt.

It's been years since I hunted the Kill tree. Kent used to have a wooden feeder here and I don't care to hunt feeders. For 2011 they removed the feeder here so it's an option for me again. This is a great spot. You can see for a half mile in any given direction.

I did have a nice 10 come in. But my rule is if I have to think about him he's too small. I guessed him at 145 - not bad. No jaw dropper. I could have easily killed him but watched him walk away. He was slightly better than the buck I filmed yesterday. I saw two other bucks and watched them chase some does around. Overall, it was a pretty slow morning.

Jake on the other hand saw a dandy 8 pt. He passed on it and we all raised our eyebrows at the same time. He's not a monster, but he was a big impressive buck. Jake was kind enough to snap a photo of him as he was leaving.

Saturday Afternoon Hunt

Kent wanted me to hunt the Round Bale stand for the afternoon. There is a good buck running around in this area so I hunted it. This is the stand where I killed my biggest buck - a 166" Non Typical 17 point buck a few years back. Besides that one morning I have had very bad luck here. Today that streak continued. I had one spike buck within range. I did see a large herd of deer about a quarter mile out into the field. Overall, it was slow for everyone.


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Our deer hunt takes place in Southwest Kansas with Cimarron River Outfitters


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