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Join us as we hunt Maryland's Eastern Shore for trophy-class whitetails with Steve Rupert.

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Update for 11/17/00

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Where I hunted today

AM/PM - I set up at the same place I hunted on Wednesday evening. At dawn I saw a buck scent-trailing through the cornfield - just at the edge of the woods. A few moments later another buck moved through the forest to my right, about a hundred yards away. I could make out a horn but it was very brushy. I don't know if either of them were shooters.

At 8:30 a doe and fawn came from the cornfield and bedded directly below me. I decided to stay in my stand until these deer left. At 11:00 AM another group of deer fed through the briar patch and moved off further into the woods. It became apparent that the bedded deer were not going to leave - so I settled in for a sunup to sundown vigil.

It was neat to watch these two bedded deer all day. The fawn slept soundly, eyes closed, head on the ground. The doe slept that way for a total of approximately 40 minutes. The rest of the time the doe had her head up and eyes open. Here is the chronology of the events:

8:30 AM
Doe and fawn enter the briar patch and bed down
11:00 AM
A group of 5 deer move through the briar patch, 3 bed down for a short time then move off at 11:30. The doe and fawn never move.
12:30 PM
Doe gets up and begins feeding in the briar patch, fawn soon follows. The doe moves no further than 10 yards then beds down again. The fawn walks all the way back to the exact bed as before. Total duration: 15 minutes.
3:00 PM
Doe and fawn get up and feed in briars again.
3:30 PM
They enter the field but something spooks them back into the woods and they disappear in the trees.

At 3:45 a large doe appears from nowhere underneath my stand. At 4:15 two does appear but something spooks them. They were in the same spot where my doe and fawn had spooked. My wind is not blowing in their direction so I'm puzzled what could be alarming these deer. At 4:45 a small buck appears and he spooks as well. Just at dark 15 deer (sex ?) appear and enter the fields. It was a long, but fun day hunting.

When I got back to the hotel, Brad Adams from Texas had a great story about a huge buck, 150 PY class, around him the entire afternoon. He was chasing a hot doe. Unfortunately Brad could not get a shot. Steve also saw a shooter however it was also too far to shoot.

Note: We've extended the trip one day and will hunt Saturday. Be sure to check for an update Saturday evening.

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Video 2 video 2, small buck on day 2 slow (28.8, 56k modem)
Video 3 video 3, small buck on day 2 slow (28.8, 56k modem)
Video 3 video 3, small buck on day 2 fast (T1, Cable Modem, DSL)
Video 4 video 4, button under stand on day 4 slow (28.8, 56k modem)
Video 4 video 4, button under stand on day 4 fast (T1, Cable Modem, DSL)
Video 5 video 5, small 5 pt. buck under stand on day 6 slow (28.8, 56k modem)
Video 5 video 5, small 5 pt. buck under stand on day 6 fast (T1, Cable Modem, DSL)
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