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I have many miles of roads on my lease that is kicking our butt and taking way too much time a year. We want to start spraying the sides to especially knock out the privet and other small unwanted trees such as mimosa and small pines. Not really worried about killing grass but more of the woody stuff. Im assuming 24d amine would be the correct herbicide in this case but wasnt sure. We will not be spraying any areas where we plant food plots so any residual isnt a concern unless it is something that would travel to neighboring properties. thanks


I think these Texas boys kill mesquite with Remedy and diesel mixed. You might google that. Mesquite is pretty hardy.


crossbow and a boomless ATV sprayer turned upside down


I’ve killed locust trees with 24d. There might be something better but it did a good job.

By: Marj

Use something with triclopyr to kill woody stemmed plants (there are many trade names containing triclopyr). Mix with water and non-ionic surfactant for foliar spraying. Bark oil/deisel will probably give a better kill, but you will also go through more herbicide.


I've had good results on privet and mimosa using Remedy Ultra/triclopyr[25% solution in diesel fuel], applying it with a backpack sprayer on the basal bark. It might be cost prohibitive trying to cover miles of roadside.

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