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Not the first one I’ve heard of in this area. The is a WMA in the area that has archery and gun hunts. Would you shoot given the opportunity?


In a heart beat.


Only if it had a 150+ rack

By: Ollie

You wouldn't in Iowa, unless you want to be fined. Illegal to shoot a piebald or albino in Iowa. Saw a pure albino once in North Carolina and nearly shot it the following season.


Same for NY I believe, (not 100% sure but pretty sure), illegal to shoot. If legal, I might pass just due to abundance of 'normal' colored deer and let it go to be able to possibly see it progress through life, and see what it's offspring look like. There was a piebald doe with a buck and doe twin fawns in Washington when I lived there, and they both had some white on them too.


I'll bet they taste the same.

By: keith

For those of you who hunt where it is illegal to take a piebald, where is the line to cross between "normal" and piebald? I've seen some deer that could be either.


Wonder what the state’s reasons are for protecting them? Seems better to thin them from the herd.

By: DaleT

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I have passed on them when given the opportunity because "normal" deer are pretty easy to get where I hunt and seeing a piebald adds a little pizzazz to the morning or evening hunt. I once just casually mentioned to the owner of the property I hunt that I didn't shoot the piebalds and he was happy about that. This one was in our front yard a few years ago.


Ursus, probably not a biological reason. Considered genetically inferior. It may just pertain to albino specifically, I have to look it up for NY.


Unless the regs have been changed, in Iowa the rules state it is illegal to shoot any deer with greater than 50% white hair. A piebald with less than 50% white hair would be legal to kill.


That's crazy, I've never seen one that didn't have some kind of problems. Most limp with bad leg joints. We want these gone from the gene pool!


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