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For 2018 I will have my main G.R.O. educational plot in the Columbus WI area. There will be the following species planted for the general public to view and data will also be provided. G.R.O. Soybeans, Real World Soybeans, Eagle Beans, A New longer day soybean and a non roundup soybean. Cowpeas, lablab, 3 varieties of alfalfa, ladino, alsike, white dutch, medium red, balansa, berseem, and G.R.O. longlasting clover. There will be corn, millets, screening products, switchgrass, pheasant and deer habitat mix. We will also have a soil pit, which will allow the public to view both topsoil, roots and subsoil.

I also have educational plots in Ladysmith WI, Hazel Green WI, Sparta WI, Ford City PA, Deposit NY and Troy AL.

We will continue to share real data. We will share actual forage sample results taken the same day for many of the forages. We have 35 blocks of forages that are 10'wide by 100' long in the main Columbus WI location. I believe I offer research on a level unlike anyone in the US and it is possible because of the patronage of many of you on here.


Good to hear from you here John! Im sure you've been very busy. Always a wealth of knowledge


I am on properties across the US most days and have done perhaps 30 seminars so far this year. My days are spent talking 1 on 1 or to the general public. I am catching up so will be posting more on here again for those who want some "opinions."

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