Mossberg pulls out of Dick's
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By: MK111

Mossberg just announced they are pulling out of Dick's sporting stores. Good for them. I'm sure other firearm manufactures will follow Mossberg in leaving Dick's. None too soon.

By: APauls

LMAO I'm on board with Bake.

By: Boreal

That's great..and you guys are pretty funny.

By: JL
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The press release.


Already decided I'll never shop at Dicks again for ANYthing, and now I'm looking for a reason to buy another Mossberg, or two.

Screw Dicks.


If Mossy didn't pull out it would have been a shotgun wedding,..their sights are on bigger and better things.


What about Field & Stream? I think I'm going to cancel my free subscription!


Good one Sean D.

Field and Stream has always been super lame, not surprised. Bunch of hypocrites. More like Dickless.


Dicks has been going yuppi for awhile.


good for Mossberg!!


There's a Dick's in Prescott Valley. Parking lot is always empty; surprised they are still in business. Rule #1 for retail success in Prescott area: Don't piss off gun owners.


The title of this post really crack me up!


I must have missed something! Can someone please explain "THEIR RECENT SECOND AMENDMENT ACTIONS"???


I tried to get Dick's to match a price on a Rem 870 shotgun I was buying for my son so I wouldn't have to run an hour away to Bass Pro Shops and they wouldn't do it. It was like a $ 10 dollar difference. I haven't been back since. Screw Dick's I hope they go under.


Good move. I always liked mossberg’s.

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OK- I get it now. Hadn't heard about this. I don't buy a lot of stuff at Dick's, but now it will be even less! ;-)

By: Fuzzy

I've been a Mossberg fan since 1970. Like em even more now.


More floor space for the folks that need North Fluff and Patagucci gear to go to Starbucks.

By: iceman
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Looks like Springfield Armory did the same thing


I heard about springfield before i heard about mossberg. I believe it was even here on bowsite that i heard it...

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Springfield is also Redcoat trash....


Last time I was there to get a tube of fletch title,soon as you walk in the door,a huge yeti cooler display was set up.looked like a car showroom.right next to men's stretchy pants.then you walked thru a maze of flashy stretchy clothes and sports clothes,and was back to the rear corner dark area to get a tube of glue.checking out,your assaulted by a big screen t v with basketball games.


Don't google 'Dick's' at work...


hahaha, kids say the damnedest things


Wondering what is the the gun sales percentage at Dick's? We have 2 Dick's stores in our area and just based on my observations - gun sales is not a big dollar generating area for the store. Their staff in gun sales area are real knowledgeable, if you can find a salesperson. Sales seem to be a lot greater in the hunting clothing and hunting related supplies (especially stands). They run some great specials on stands in the fall and especially at the end of season closeouts.


just read Ruger is all done with Dicks too, kudos to them .


If you Google, Dicks Sporting Goods and the NRA. There is more to this story and clarification.


Right before gun season in Ohio dicks gets hit hard, I’ve seen guys buy the night before opening day. Have the shotty bore sighted and they (in their mind) are good to go. It’s quite sad, I’m sure most midwesterners have witnessed this.

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They made a calculated decision based on volume they were willing to lose in exchange for volume hey expect to gain. Just a business decision


Just a business decision?

They are making a statement with their decision. And it’s their decision to make, no doubt!! But to stand with them, and to defend them, is to spit in the face of your own rights. I know how you feel about certain weapons. You’ve made that clear. And it’s also my right and duty to defend my rights against people who’ll try to legislate it away and against companies that will help do so!!

To stand with any company that’ll fight against you and then lap up their man juice with your tongue is as cowardice as it is to call everyone out on every forum, and then disappear from your own when the crap hits the fan....let’s hear more about mountain lion hunts....


Bowsite rocks


LOL! You just “nailed it” DConcrete! ;-)


not gonna spend money with cowards these dum dums don't realize who pays their salaries I wonder why don't these companies just sell products and stay out of politics


Someone mentioned cancelling their Field and Stream subscription. F&S magazine is a different entity from F&S stores/Dicks. You can keep your magazine .

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