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I want to create a drought tolerant mix. I’m thinking small Burnet, Sanfoin and chicory mix. Any recommendation of seed dealers. Thx


Deer Creek, Hancock, Grandpa Ray Outdoors ? You try any of these ?

Although, I've been trying to go to grandparayoutdoors.com and it never connects. Don't know what's happening there.


grandpa ray does not have a true drought resistant mix. The others don't carry Sanfoin or small Burnet. They do have Birdseed Trefoil, which i do need for my wet areas.


A simple google search yielded lots of results Bull.


email John and see what he can get.


Albert lea seed, just give it a look.


Grandpa rays has drought tolerance in ALL MIXES. My religion with managed intensive grazing has something in every mix that tolerates wet, something that tolerates dry and something that grows fast.

These are the species/blends i use that are super drought tolerant.

Four galore. Not much is more drought tolerant than lablab and cowpeas

Deer and Bird. EVERYTHING in that mix is drought tolerant.

Fall Draw, the ultimate drought tolerant brassica blend as many of you in the deep south know. It has Ethiopian cabbage, annual clovers and the winfred brassica is super drought tolerant for a brassica.

The 3x product has chicory and alfalfa which is drought tolerant.

My GOLD product for program members is a premier nutrition and drought tolerant mix that will be released to non program members in 2019

Inner Sanctum has drought tolerant species in it.

I also sell anything one can ever imagine and since i am the only company that uses growth promoters on my seeds, that makes roots and all my mixes more drought tolerant than everyone else out there.

So, not sure what bullbuster is looking at. Maybe he works for a seed company???


If he was a seed dealer he'd know it's Birdsfoot not Birdseed Trefoil!


Easy Gramps. I use a lot of your seed. Your mixes do have drought resistant seeds within blends, but are not all drought resistant blends. Clover doesn't cut it in 18 hour days with 15-20% humidity through June and August. ....and yes, i know it's Birdsfoot Trefoil and I'm still not a seed dealer. I still like my combo of Sainfoin, small Burnet and chicory for my high ridge plot that gets pounded by sun and wind.


There is a mix called high and dry that program members can get that has 4 species of drought tolerant legumes in it. I don't put it on my website and it's not for the masses. It is a "worming" mix as well. Anyone who is a GRO program member can buy it.


Hancock is real good.

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