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Today I planted my first ever spring plot. It’s not in an area I’d hunt but my goal is mainly erosion control and an early food source. I planted oats and crimson clover. We are supposed to get a decent rain tomorrow too.

I have 3 other plots I’ll be planting after last frost date. Some combination of Sunn Hemp, iron clay peas and buckwheat

Anybody else already planting?

By: t-roy

As soon as the snow that we got yesterday as well as the additional snow we’re getting now, melts! :-(

I did do some frost seeding into a few existing clover plots in March.


Winter hangs around in Iowa don't it Troy ? My wife is up there now for a wedding, and wondering if she'll be stranded ! :-)

My ground is still a little colder than I want. I think after I get back from turkey hunting next week I'll be busy for a couple of weeks getting my plots ready to plant. I generally don't plant until last of April or first of May.


Norseman's embedded Photo

Maybe I can frost seed???


Yep Norseman you won’t be late to the frost seeding party and to think I am upset over 40s and rain.


It's 40* in East Texas right now at 8:30 am. I think our weather is cycling back to what it was when I was a young man, back when we had winter, spring, summer, and fall, instead of the blend of seasons we've experienced in the last twenty years or so. I kinda like it myself, it makes the summers more bearable. A hundred degrees and 98% humidity ain't what I signed up for !

By: Grubby

We have lucked out and missed the snow, as of right now it looks like a dry spring so I’m planning on planting our biggest (3ac) in beans. I have some clover seed here waiting to get frost seeded in to last falls new planting’s.

By: t-roy

Is that a ruler sticking out, Norseman, or a yardstick??!!


12 inch ruler on my patio table


Screwball's embedded Photo

May have to wait!


I hate it when southerners complain about 40 degree weather or call it cold when that is what minnesota is hoping for right now. With 14 inches of snow and 30 inches of ice on the lakes,we could use some 40 degree weather.


Hang in there my northern brothers. The warm up is in the way. In Virginia, the turkeys are gobbling and the pollen is starting to fly. Your turn is coming soon.

By: MK111

As we say in Ohio. If you don't like the weather just wait a day. It was 75-80 on Thursday and Friday. Rain off and on Saturday and Sunday. In the 40's Monday with snow showers. Later this week near 60's. Spring is trying.


I am in NW Ohio and probably a good 3-4 weeks from putting in a Spring plot. I hope anyway.

By: wildan

I hoping to be able to plant by Memorial Day;God bless Northern N.Y.Still snowing here and it's April 18!


I hate it when northerners say it's hot and they have no idea what hot is :-)

By: Duke

My food plot had a total of 21” of snowfall drop on it here this last weekend! To say we are behind schedule is a gross understatement. Coldest and snowiest (not sure if that is even a term) on record here in WI. Hoping to get out with the tractor in two weeks if things warm up.

By: BradB

My neighbor planted Sunn Hemp and IC Peas two weeks ago and I think he is gonna be disappointed, even in Alabama. I did have a buddy of mine spray out the 8 acres I will be growing beans/corn on this summer yesterday but that is it so far. I plan on planting everything at the end of the first week in May.


Tools I plan to plant Sunn Hemp and iron clay peas probably in late May or early June. Have you planted that mix before? I’m curious to see how much the deer feed on that here in va.


I frost seeded some clover into an existing plot, we got some warm temps that day and the next and the thin bit of snow melted and my plots are all pretty soggy now. First time I've tried the frost seeding, hope it works. Over on my other plot I will be disking up and replanting an annual. Need to let things dry out for now. Bill


Anybody ever risk planting before last frost date?

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