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Good evening fellow food plotters.

I'm looking or the best all round weed killer. So what is everyone using on existing plots and for establishing new plots. Thanks in advance.

By: Salagi

Eraser is the best over the counter I've used on the farm. Takes it a while though. Day 1- 6 weeds, grass, everything looks nice and healthy, day 7 it is all dead and stays dead.

By: t-roy

What are wanting to kill? Everything? broadleafs? grasses? What is in your existing plots?

Generic Roundup is pretty foolproof for burndown. Available almost everywhere and pretty cheap. Clethodim for grasses and Butyrac(2,4-DB) for broadleaf weeds in clover and alfalfa. NOT 2,4-D! Keystone Pest Solutions is a great resource for purchasing chemicals as well as a good information source.


If you're talking non-selective herbicides without soil action, generic 41% glyphosate is cheap and kills most weeds. For weeds that are regionally resistant to glyphosate, like mares-tail and pigweed (water hemp), we normally use 2,4-d which also has very little residual soil activity.

If you're talking about over-spraying standing plots, there's no way to generalize without knowing what crop you're talking about and what weeds or grasses you're trying to kill.


T-Roy and stick sender have it right. So much round up resistance in south east Illinois that it takes multiple herbicides to control weeds. For my corn and beans this year I’m going to use generic Me2laclor and liberty


Thanks for the replies guys. I know my question was open ended. Here's what I'm dealing with. I have 5 acres of established plots. They range from a third of an acre up 1.5 acres in size. All are planted in Frigid Forage products i.e.. Big & Beastie, Autumn Quick plot, Plow Down Clover. I have a new section .5 acre that has been left and the weeds have taken over. In the past I've used the generic 41% glyphosate and Clethodim for grasses in my clover. I was wondering if there is anything better or if you guys suggest anything else. Thanks again.


Hit it with glyphosate early after it’s growing and give it a week or two before tillage


those chemicals are scary,,,,,,, I know about farm use, and what is necessary, but man, handle with care,,,, from a medical view point, they are nothing to fool with, and do not breathe them in either, wear a aspirator, no matter what someone tells you.......


Yeah your on the right track. Just hit it with Gly.The rate will depend on if your wanting to spray for annual weeds or perennial grasses. If your target is perennial grass you will need to make sure it is out of dormancy completely and actively growing for the best results. Like BOHUNTER09 said. Spray it, wait a couple of weeks, depending on the temps. Then work the ground.


Just make sure your weeds are actively growing and only a few inches tall work best.


41% Gly.... hit it when growing and above 70 degrees preferably, I get mine from Keystonepestsolutions.com ..... a 2 gallon 41% container from Keystone is cheaper than a quart of "Round Up" at Menards ... or go to a farm co-op or feed store and see if they have it, may be more expensive there .. ..


One of the things when using broadleaf killers other than Gly is to be sure and read the time required after use before you can seed with something that might be susceptible to that herbicide. I know it can be well over a year before I can replant an alfalfa field.


Best weed killer is "canopy"


But you got to get the canopy over the weeds. It's hard to out grow weeds but you can slow them down.

By: jjs

Goats will take care of them along with buckthorn, best non-toxic terminators to use.


Best weed killer. A Vortex 2.0 steel 125 shot out of a crossbow. That'll take down all your weeds and then some. Sorry couldn't resist.


What t-roy said....

By: TJ_11

Str8arrow, I use the gly 41% for total burn and the Clethodim in my clover and vetch plots. I get great success out of both.

One thing I learned was catch the grass early in the clover, usually a little taller then ankle. But I have also used it in some tall knee high stuff also with ok success. Im assuming you already knew this also, but figured I would throw it out there. Don't forget the crop oil with Clethodim.

Happy Planting

By: GF

I thought the best part about hunting was that you get to eat free-range, ORGANIC venison, rather than meat which has been raised on feed that was grown with the use of herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers?

Different strokes, I guess....

By: MK111

GF that thought is true. But where do you think the deer are feeding all the time? On farm land crops using herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. I feel small food plot use isn't hurting much.


Is it ok to spray Gly with a moderate dew or will it dilute too much? I’d be able to see my tracks well which helps with spacing.


your better off on a dry day with warmer temps so it is absorbed better ...


Can clethodim be sprayed on a new frost seeded plot, or is the clover to tender. I have grasses about 4 inch and clover that is just starting to germinate


you may get some burn on the clover ... I would think it would come back.... depending on how big the plots are, you could always lay down some more clover a week or so after spraying the grass... Ive done that before ..

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