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Hi, I had a spring planted turnip, clover and oat food plot last year that grew great. I planted it in spring and everything grew awesome with 1000s of fully grown turnips . The problem was is the deer never touched them unless it was in the last month. They were uneaten(not by me, they were delicious to me) through june to december. We have not been there since, but we hunted even after there was snow in november and still had no sign and no deer eating anything on camera. Why did this happend? I am planting soybeans and field peas this spring and we will probably order some other stuff to test out.We are surrounded by corn and soybean field and oak trees, which may be the reason our plot did not work. Thanks

By: wildan

I think they are an acquired taste for deer;I tried them one year with similar results. Sticking with can't go wrong stuff;corn and soybeans.We always try something new every year;this year will be Sunn Hemp(more for cover than feed) always plant milo,millet and sunflower for the birds.

By: t-roy

Like wildan noted, IMO, turnips as well as other crops sometimes seem to take a few years before they develop a taste for them. They utilized my turnips earlier this year than ever before. They weren’t much of a draw the first year, but now they are probably one of my best draws, especially late season.

I would suggest not planting that particular mix in the spring. Depending where in Minnesota you are located, I would say mid-late July for any brassica mix, and mid-late August for a cereal grain. Oats aren’t very cold tolerant, compared to rye/wheat/triticale.

By: Marj
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You guys nailed it.

By: r-man

my deer just waited till spring temps resently to start on them, but they do graze here and there on them , last month its been a full attack on the turnips . beaens are great choice either way


Not much to add except that I've read in the book below from QDMA (highly recommended for food plotters) that turnips take time for deer to acquire a taste for them. Also, they get sweeter and more palatable to deer after the first frost or two, so they are definitely better and more productive as a fall/winter plot. I've planted Eagle Seeds Broadside the past 2 year which included turnips and radishes and the deer have KILLED them.


By: grubby

Ive had better luck with radish.


No love from the local whiitetails. Snort and blow out.

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