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By: Newguy

If I plant clover with chickory will it return the next fall if i disk it under and plant cowpeas and milo the following spring?


Chickory and clover both are perennials. I'm not sure why you'd want to rotate that plot that soon. I've never had great luck with deer hitting food plots. So, some of these deer farmers might advise you otherwise. But, to me, if I'm tilling up a plot after growing season, it isn't going to be a chickory and clover plot. God Bless


Depends how aggressive you get with the disk. Just a little scratching and your clovers will come back or some of them anyways. Not sure about the chicory, Its not as hardy as clover I don't think. But i wouldn't disk a spring planted perennial clover plot a few months later in fall. Unless they were annual clovers.


What LETEMGROW said. Clover mostly delivers its best crop in the two or three years following the planting. Just spray for grasses and mow it high (8") for weeds. If you plant it correctly and get a good stand, you're not gonna want to disc it up. PH needs to be 6.5/7 though for optimal clover growth. Search the Deerbuilder forum and look at some of Pat's clover plots.


OK I'll answer the question. Both will likely come back. Clover is hard to kill w/o roundup and chicory has a deep root that probably wont be killed. I'd burn it down w Roundup before disking.


Why would you want to rip-up the clover that soon? My patch didn't get going good till two years into it. With some fertalizer and the occassional mowing it looks great some 7 years later. AND I assure you, every deer within 3 miles know where it is.

By: Bowman

Not sure if I understand the question. Are you asking about clover and chicory coming back after the cowpeas and milo next year?

Here is some info: http://www.lsuagcenter.com/NR/rdonlyres/864C990B-FC7B-49ED-BB50-7B276F66CFA8/51139/pub2843DeerPlantingsHIGHRES1.pdf

I do not know what is your plan, but cowpeas and clover could be planted this spring.

Get a soil test. How big if an area are you planting.


Bowman, he lives in La. I don't think spring planted clover will survive our summers. It's not recommended this far south, and I've always planted mine in the fall.


Why not try something really complicated. Try a mix of 60% winter whet and 40% rye grass. I suspect it will accomplish what you are trying to do and a heck of a lot cheaper. Plant it in August, you'll have greenfields all through the season. But...if you are in hog country, you are in trouble.


I used to have a place in Illinois, I had a clover food plot, deer would come to it, mostly does during shooting hours. I had better luck hunting the funnels going to it

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