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By: crowny

I have a 2 acre field that I plant 1.5 acres of.I have a hut overlooking this field. on the west side I have a big gut I put a stand in and I could put a small food plot in there as well, quarter acre or so. what should I plant in the gut that would be good just for bow season, as I can't hunt bow on the field, no trees to put stand in. I still want them to go to the big field during gun season.

By: crowny

hmm ok I guess no one has any suggestions. thanks


Whotetail institute forage oats. Plant after labor day and youll have great hunting thier till nov 1 unless you get a really really hard frost. Easy to establish

By: Scoot

After planting Brassica for a couple of years I put in 02 this year and was very pleased with how the deer responded. I mixed it with triticale and it worked very well until about mid to late November.

By: crowny

ok thanks for the info. I will be putting in the whitetail forage oats or the pure attraction at the end of august.I'm in upstate NY so a hard frost can come anytime after September. thanks again

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Jeff has all the answers you need, a great resource. BC

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