Disking/reseeding clover??
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I have read somewhere that some folks disk their clover stands then over seed tire clover plots. How do you do this? how agressive/deep do you disk, ? what time of year (frost seeding?)


I would do frost seeding. Takes less time and equipment. Is very effective if done correctly.


Yup, I learned about that on Deerbuilder and tried it. It works great. Just a light disking to break up the roots. Stimulates thicker growth. Done it twice and all results were positive.


Last week I saw that the %?~~*£!!> hogs had disced my clover, but the term “lightly “ never crossed my mind. Oh well, I’ll kill a dozen or so of the bastards to get even and plant it to RR beans in the spring.

By: lewis

When are you doing the light disking


I do it late summer or mid summer as long as there’s good moisture and your clover is not stressed.

By: Teeton

Are you saying that you do a light disking and don't put any seed down??


Pat Lefemine's embedded Photo

I have done both. First time I disked only. I noticed fresh young clover popping up. This past summer I did it again with my Woods Precision Seeder/Disk. I ran the unit over my existing plot, cutting the roots and dropping fresh overseeding as well. Here is what the plot looked like a month later.

Note. Pic was taken 8/3. Disk was done July 4th weekend. Don’t do this during summer stress but my property had ample moisture.


Summer is very hard on clover where I live (and fall also this year) due to dry conditions. Can I do it in march before green up? April after greenup?


Mike, I don't know if there is a better time to do it than others. I wouldn't want to do it when the ground was frozen and the clover was dormant as I think you'd really tear up your soil. But who knows. I just learned this trick two years ago.

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