Late season clover planting?
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By: Ollie

We are having very mild weather in southern Iowa this fall and the ground has yet to freeze. I have some bare spots in my clover food plots and am planning to till the soil this coming weekend in selected spots. Should I go ahead and plant the clover seed after rolling the tilled ground or should I wait and frost seed late winter? For whatever reason, frost seeding has worked very poorly for me in the past even when frost seeding onto soil that was tilled a few months prior. Thanks.


Ollie, Unlike you I have great results with frost seeding, but only in late winter in my KS/MO area. I personally would not till just for risk of exposing more weed seeds for next year. Others will probably differ, but that is just what I have had good results with. GL.


Id definitely wait and frost seed this spring (March). If your gun-shy on the frost seeding, try a spring planting (although that can be a train wreck with weeds.) I have great luck frost seeding and also with fall seeding clover. Those are my favorite times.

If you've had poor luck frost seeding could it by chance be the seed?


I've been wondering this very thing. I guess there's no such thing as "frost" seeding here because our ground doesn't freeze unless it's just a couple days at a time and that may only be once in 3/4 years. I have a bag of GRO Mass Builder left and would like to put it somewhere, but I'm not sure I want to disc this late in the year.

By: Ollie

I use good quality seed. I typically use Pennington (durana clover) or Antler King (mixed clover varieties). My idea for late fall tilling is that I have some problem weeds where I want to plant and think it would be beneficial to till them under and plant a fresh soil bed rather than leave the weeds alone and then have to spray them in the spring.


I have also had great luck frost seeding in late January. I buy all of my seed from welters.


My cattle plant my clover in the pastures for me. Add to loose mineral tub and they do a great job planting and fertilizing all in one process!

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