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Looking to plant something along the edges of my food plots to screen the deer from being able to see through to them without having to enter the plots.

Anyone have success with planting Silky or Red Osier Dogwoods for this purpose or Hazelnut?

I would like to plant bushes around the edge, then a row of cedar trees and then maybe some white pines after that. Cedars take forever to grow and would like to get something bushy growing at a faster pace.

Any other suggestions? High Bush Cranberry maybe.

By: MK111

Sneak into SW Ohio and get some honeyscuckle bushes. The stuff grows thick. Of course they may run out of the county for bring the damn stuff in if it's not there already.


How about corn?


80 acres of timber and my plots are only 1/2 acre down to 1/4. Trying to block the sight-line of deer from 75 yards in the woods through tree trunks. Hoping to force them to come into the plot to look around, scent check and eat, etc....


Consider planting switch grass as it provides a screen, edge and is a perennial.


Plant gigantice miscantis. Grows 10' tall in two years. Stands up right thru the winter.


Best solution is to edge feather it back about 20 yards all around the plot and use the trunks to block all but a couple spots for access to the plots. This will provide a visual barrier as the sampling and brush grow up and limit access points for deer, which help with stand sites.

The shrubs you mentioned would be good as well but it may take several (5-8+) before they start to block much.....plus they will likely grow pretty poorly on the edges that get little sun.

The michanthus mentioned would be good too.....I have some and it's impressive at 2 years old. Look up maple river farms.


Deerplotter's embedded Photo

Caution on Miscanthus grass. I see you are from Wisconsin. Miscathus does not do well in really cold tempertures and moderate snow cover. Speaking from experience, planted it in MN -250 plants only half dozen survived the winter. I have had good results with Sorghum Soudan grass. It is an annual grass but grows 8-10’ with proper soil prep. You may wish to Plant Amur Maple around your plot which within a 3-4 years would be a great permanent buffer.

By: t-roy

Egyptian wheat is also an annual that works well, although heavy snow can drag it down some.

By: Marj

If you plan to plant amur maple or honeysuckle, check to see if they are invasive species in your state. They are both invasive in MN and I have spent many hours trying to kill both species. Deer also love to browse both cedar a white pine in the winter so caging or bud caps are likely necessary. Dogwood and hazelnut may take a while, but I think they'd be a good long term choice.


Yeah I think Deerplotter has the answer. That looks great to me.

By: t-roy

Deerplotter.....does your sorghum-sudan hold up to a snow load very well?


Once they mature to max height Snow loads and real high winds can be a problem. Seed is fairly cheap and the Seed head or pod on the stem is great for song birds.

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